Creating a place of safe inner journeying through exploration, play & self empowerment.

"Hi Roger, Thank you for today! My feet and hands have had pins and needles since I left your place and the tears are flowing. I never thought I'd be saying this but...thank you for helping me to let my tears out. It's an amazing day! I have to words. Awesomeness does not even come close to describing how I feel. Thank you for mentoring me. I couldn't have started this journey without you!


-Karrie W



Kingdom Coaching

The world is a place of both dark and light. This is referred to as duality. Kingdom Coaching offers a space and the tools that you need to tap into your passion and courage so that you can navigate powerfully in a dual world.

  • Support in cutting down the illusion/delusions that are prevent forward movement.

  • Learning how to move through struggle in a way that can bring joy and expansion.

  • Create strong boundaries in relationships to create more harmony.

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Expansion Cast - Podcast

Transforming limiting belief systems into powerful truths of personal authenticity