Transforming limiting belief systems into powerful truths of personal authenticity.


Experience a deep heart-opening 2-hour forum style immersion while on a path of self-discovery. Unity Circle is a free on-line event. Deeply connect with self and others in this occasional zoom event.

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Kingdom Coaching is a playful yet empowering technique that provides tools to transform your life, work/business, and family.

Things you will embrace during and after experiencing this work:

  • Flow in work, home, and passion.

  • Know and live your authentic path

  • Find and live in your power

  • Know and live in absolute courage.

  • Develop a version of yourself where you deeply connect with others.

  • Know your core passion and how to attain it.

  • Feel and live in your radiant essence.

  • You will move into positive energy and let go of the struggle.

  • You will have full autonomy over your life. 

  • You will communicate authentically.

  • You will learn to monitor drama.

  • Your life will flow with grace and ease. 

  • Create a type of confidence that will root you into an unimaginable awareness.

  • You will experience heart-centered empowerment. 

  • Say goodbye to personal limitations.

  • Experience your higher self.

  • Experience quantum level change.

  • Use drama to your advantage. 

  • ​Transform how you live and experience life after just one session.

  • Move beyond uncontrollable addictive actions. 

  • Live in a blissful state.

  • Stay present through storms.

  • Identify your Needs and how they are unconsciously trying to be met. 

  • Remove yourself from addictive patterns that pull you into unhealthy habits, unwanted lifestyle patterns, repetitive emotional trauma.

  • remove hidden blocks & fears regarding relationships, vulnerability, intimacy and much much more.

Deep Transformational coaching will give you the power to be in a space of feeling passionately alive and allow you to show up in life in powerful awareness.


Powerful Authentic You

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It is time you live your life in full radiant authenticity!


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Roger Metz

Who is this Roger? And why him?

Roger Metz's journey began as a young boy loving life while experiencing long moments of blissful freedom. That freedom stayed in his spirit, but as life moved along, he found the moments of freedom disappearing and one day observed he was living a meek unwanted life of logic-led struggle. How did this life move from freedom to struggle? The answer to that isn't as important as the way out! As much as he tried to create a life of harmony the same repeating patterns would bring him back to struggle. After taking responsibility for his place and space, he began courageously exposing resistant stories and exploring and sharing vulnerable spaces. These edgy experiences - sometimes messy - allowed Roger to find his pains, shadows, fears, and return to his authentic path. As this change began to grow in his world, new healthy belief systems emerged. It was while pushing past these fears and deeply held stories, that an innate ability to see through others' limitations emerged. His passion and success really began to shine when he surrendered his 'safe limiting direction' and gave into his intuitive guidance system which led him towards a life he dreamed of.

Roger turned his obsession for self-help into helping others through deep transformational healing and is now offering a variety of programs. 


"You are like the sky: it never comes, it never goes, it is always there." Osho



Hello Roger,
It was lovely to meet you this past weekend. I’ve just subscribed to your podcast and can’t wait to dive in and listen.
As I integrate the weekend I am left with joy at finding my energetic body (not the one that wants to run all the time!). You were a big part of that. Your gentleness and open heart helped me dismantle the story I have built into my head about how men show up.
Your gift of divine desire vs wounded desire and how we populate our king and queendoms is key in how I move forward now.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please visit the coast!
Lisa ​L


Hey Roger, I just want to thank you for working with me and helping me to transcend out of that dark place that I was in. I am so happy to say I am beginning to reconnect with my purpose. After such a long struggle with depression and all that goes with it, I was amazed at how quickly it changed.  I greatly appreciate that you took time out of your day to respond to me with such kindness while encouraging me to just go with it, to notice how I am feeling, to write, to be present. I am in such a better place now. With your help, I became more aware of old scripts and messaging that no longer served me. Now that I notice it I am able to challenge those thoughts and they no longer have any power over me. I cannot believe the change after just two sessions! This has been such a life-altering experience and I am excited to continue my journey and embrace living with gratitude. I feel as though you have a God-given talent to help people heal and I wanted to give you the biggest THANK YOU for helping me lean back into life again!

Heather W


Hi Roger, Thank you for today! My feet and hands have had pins and needles since I left your place and the tears are flowing. I never thought I'd be saying this but...thank you for helping me to let my tears out. It's an amazing day! I have to words. Awesomeness does not even come close to describing how I feel. Thank you for mentoring me. I couldn't have started this journey without you!

Karrie W


I wanted to thank you again. It was truly a beautiful experience!!!! I felt exactly what I have always been missing. I feel so blessed that you have shared this experience with me. I really can't show my appreciation enough!!  Also, I give thanks for your patience and nurturing on the physical level. As this had a massive impact on me on an emotional and physiological level as well. I feel so strong having moved past the fear and limiting image I had created. You are an amazing man!!! In so many ways.  As an inspiration you are overwhelming !! As a teacher you are loving. As a friend, you are nurturing and transcending. You are a guide that demands and deserves respect and admiration. As I progress on my journey I am grateful for the growth and enlightenment you have gifted me!!!!

 Tracey S

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