Conscious Mirrors Tres

There is a theory that everyone is a mirror for us. And as much as that is true, it isn’t that simple. The mirror actually has three sides and a center. On one side stands you in your current limitation (belief). On the second side is one who is reflecting your limitation through conflict or drama. (At the same time, you are also reflecting something back to that person.)

On the third mirror is all that exists on the worldly plane. This compilation will either support or deny your story through choice. This can be people, newspapers, books, etc. As we live in duality, we are constantly subjected to matter that supports our freedom or supports our struggle.

The secret to recognizing these mirrors is in the witnessing of the process from a separate space of awareness - the center of the mirror triangle.

From awareness of our original non-separate self, we are conscious of our edges, shadows, limitations and desires to grow and experience life in full grace.

From here, we can witness all aspects of duality. In this state we are observing from a space of non-duality. We are essentially an unattached observer of everything happening within the mirror triangle. When we move into this space with love, compassion and curiosity, we witness the mirrors’ intended opportunities. Opportunities to allow ourselves to dive deep into the lesson and come out the other side free of struggle. The crowning purpose of this triangle gift is to be liberated from an unconscious belief system.